6 tips on hotel blog content creation

tips_on_hotel_blogA blog is a highly important instrument for hotel marketing.

However, it is not enough to simply create a blog, it is crucial to understand how to work with it and what to write.

HotelBuzz would like to introduce you to 6 basic principles that will guide you both while creating content for the blog, and while promoting it on social networks.

To begin with, it is to note that the main function of a blog in hotel marketing is to attract new visitors to your website, who can later be converted into leads.

This can be done by following our practical tips:

1. Establish trust

The relationship building stage is the first and one of the most difficult stages in the life of your blog.  At this stage you have to understand that your blog is not a waste of time but a resource that contains useful expertise information that visitors can trust.

 To do this:

  • Publish satisfied guests’ reviews;
  • Share links to resources where your hotel is mentioned in a positive way;
  • Invite guest bloggers to publish in your blog.

2. Share experiences

Provide your fans with the useful information from third – party resources. Think about other bloggers whose experience will be educating and informative to you and your readers.

To do this:

  • Post links to the blogs of other experts. Do not be afraid to lose your fans. Your readers will consider you as a source of valuable information;
  • Repost the most interesting articles by other authors (with their permission). There is nothing wrong that the authorship of the article will belong not to you. The quality information is the highest value in your blog.
  • Do not forget to check if the articles and the bloggers you want to repost are trustworthy.

3. Feedback

Receiving and responding to customers’ feedback is a strong hotel marketing tool. Allow your readers to share their hospitality experience. You can collect the comments of the guests and create a separate post about it.

4. Educate your readers

The main reason for reading a blog is to obtain new knowledge. So consider this while writing blog posts. Do not forget that your followers are busy people and they do not wish to read long texts.

 To do so:

  • Write useful literature reviews;
  • Post latest news about your hotel and hospitality industry in general;
  • Respond to questions and comments;
  • Post information about unique offers and special services of your hotel.

5. Share your success

 Inform your readers about your achievements.

 To do so:

  • Share your best practices;
  • Inform readers about small achievements that happen on a daily basis (purchase of new furniture, reception of important guests, etc.);
  • Publish news about the development of your company, illustrating it by real data and figures.

6. Use visuals

Visualisation is one of the hottest hotel marketing trends of 2014. Visual content improves readability. Try to create your own interesting visual content.

 To do so:

  • Create infographics. It is much more informative than boring tables;
  • Create your own memes. Some humour is never bad in hotel marketing.

Overall, try to give your readers as much information about your hotel as possible. Do not forget to mention discounts and special offers. Always add visuals for a better readability. However, remember that in a hotel blog is not a selling machine, but a trustable information source that will bring more visitors, and therefore, leads to your hotel website.

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