Hotel Technology Trends You Need to Know

One of the areas in consumer technology that has affected the hotel industry at large is the rise in social media over the past decade. These include social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, image and video based platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, and customer review websites and forums such as TripAdvisor.

What is interesting within the hotel industry is that Facebook dominates the sector while other social networks really lag behind and particularly those that are video based. For example, usage of Facebook across the hotel industry is high at 81%, but usage of YouTube comes in at only 33% presently with 15% scheduled to add it within the next year and a further 11% planning to add it within the next three years. That leaves 41% not planning to activate YouTube at all even though video is forecast to account for 80% of internet traffic worldwide by 2019.

Other technology trends having an impact on the wider hotel industry include the usage and implementation of customer review plugins, as well as the predicted rise of 5G mobile technology. For an illustrated look at these trends, see the below infographic created by Killarney Hotels.



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