The Importance of a good website for hotels

site-internetThe internet has revolutionized the world, giving consumers more options to choose from, without even having to leave the house. And this, of course, includes making reservations for flights and hotels.

Now, people have access to lists that only travel agents had in the past; now people have the freedom to explore in more detail prices, read reviews and comments from others, and finally make a more personal choice.

All this, is mainly due to the vast online booking channels (e- commerce hotel room booking sites), as and Expedia and “content” sites of travel and tourism as TripAdvisor.

So in the middle of all this, where does this leave hotel websites? Will they make a difference in consumer’s choice? Do they manage to compete with the online booking channels?

The answer is very simple: hotels’ websites should be considered as the most important communication channel of each hotel.

And if you think about it, it is very simple to see why. All above mentioned websites, the online booking channels such as the, are not exclusive to a single hotel. Usually they welcome thousands of hotels in their database, therefore beyond the competition that each hotel has to handle, hotels must also realize that the information about each hotel is somewhat limited, with sometimes no great differentiation from other hotels (unless you pay higher commissions, or that your online reputation is excellent).

In regard to hotels websites, they are unique and exclusive from one hotel, having thus, the opportunity to make a real difference, with detailed information about the hotel and the surrounding areas. We cannot forget that the online presence of a hotel is an essential factor, for boosting it notoriety.

Anyway, there are so many channels, how can you ensure that the consumer will visit the hotel website?

When a user is looking to book a hotel, usually he visits two or three alternative channels (including the official website of the hotel itself) prior to booking. This means that hotels must ensure that their website is attractive, user friendly, has updated information, and conveys confidence that conducts potential customers to make reservations.

It is also valued to have photos and videos that shows what the hotel looks like, accompanied by testimonials of previous guests, future guests could feel the how a future experience would look like and therefore have a positive impression that stimulates a conversion into a booking.

In addition, many hotels do not realize that if they sell their rooms via their own booking engine, embed on its website. They also avoid being paying commissions to the booking channels.

Website for hotels should be attractive, user friendly and mobile version responsive website.
Is also fundamental to emphasis how important is a blog associated to the website, as it is a crucial method to improve the positioning on the searches engines (SEO).

To sum up it is important to refer to the importance of having a presence on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Two social networks that are increasingly popular with regard to the hotels promotion and help them to develop a closer relationship with their customers through posts regularly published and a more personal communication.
Specifically digital marketing for hotels is vital for hotels, it helps them to improve sales, notoriety and maximize the hotel’s profitability.

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