The online reputation as a management tool for hotels

Reputacao_online_como_ferramenta_de_negocioThe online reputation as a management tool for hotels – Hotels take profit of it!

Can we believe the reviews we found about the hotels?

According to this study, 95 % of people looking for information about hotels rely on reviews, especially if they find them online.

A good tip is to encourage hotel guests to leave a guest review because that is what builds the online reputation of these (e.g. on TripAdvisor, which we talked about in a previous post).

Thus, potential guests will have more access to information about your hotel and at the time of choosing, it makes all the difference!

Furthermore, the feedback will also serve to realize what services needs improvement.

Do not be afraid of negative reviews! Not like some? So, face it as a driving force to attain perfection.

Customer satisfaction is the motto, so let’s encourage and accept all criticism!

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