How to Use Instagram for your Hotel Marketing: Practical Tips

Instagram_photoWe have already posted a blog on how to manage hotel social media like Facebook and Twitter.

However, with the raising popularity of visual content it is important to talk about using Instagram, a photo sharing social network.

Instagram seems to be a mysterious forest for hotel managers.

Although with the right strategy this platform can easily become a strong hotel marketing tool.
For example, Marriott Hotels & Resorts have more than 7 thousand subscribers in their Instagram account. Every day they add a couple of new pictures.

The photos are normally taken by guests and include their credentials. Not every photo directly shows the hotel: you can see there lots of images with desserts, events and landscapes etc.

Each picture has more than a hundred “likes” and a few comments. What is Instagram?

A key style feature of Instagram is images in square format. Photos can be made by any device with a camera and can be edited with various filters.

The filterscan make the most ordinary snapshots look unusual and pretty. The app can be downloaded for free and installed to Apple and Android mobile devices.

You can also post the short videos. However, remember that videos generate 40% less interaction than photos.

On Instagram the accounts cannot be confirmed there and there are no public pages with administration functions. In other words, companies have to use the platform as standard users.

What to post on a hotel page on Instagram?

The popular photos have to be interesting, creative and funny. The good content for
hotel marketing may include:

  • Corporate news (for example introduction of new cosmetic products at the spa or a new dishes in the restaurant);
  • Guests portraits;
  • Event reports (weddings, conferences, animation);
  • Surrounding nature and places of interest near hotel; Hotel inside life: staff from front desk to housekeeping.

What should I do to maintain a popular account?

The production of high-quality content for Instagram may be costly, and this is another difference from other social networks. To maintain an Instagram account a hotel needs a professional photographer.

Instagram is positioned as a community of creative people who communicate using
pictures. It means that being creative is the key to Instagram hotel marketing success.
Post inspiring and attractive pictures that open’s your hotel door to your guests.

Pictures should not only be cool, there should be plenty of them! Instagram requires a
high level of activity: at least 4-5 photos per week and ideally 1-2 photos every day.

What are the ways to promote a hotel account?

First and foremost, you need to use popular hashtags in Latin as well as in the native
language of your country. The ranking of popular hashtags can be found here.

You can add up to 10 and more tags to each photo.

It is equally important to communicate with the audience. You can post questions under photographs asking for followers’ opinion, and regularly “like” other users pictures and comments on their photos. You can also mention other users in your comments.

Do not forget to promote your account on other social networks, on your blog and your website. Add your Instagram account to your email signature and synchronize it with Facebook and Twitter.

This way, by following these easy tips you can transform Instagram account into an
important instrument in your hotel marketing strategy.

Download here the eBook:
Facebook for hospitality: A practical guide

Photo credit: …love Maegan via photopin cc



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